Courtesy of Voto Latino, VoterPal is an excellent app that makes it easy for you to register your friends and family — including by scanning their IDs to pre-populate the voter registration application. It’s really slick. iOS and Android

Most campaigns ask people to contact strangers to register or vote for the Democrats. The VoterHive flips that script by starting with the people you know best — those who are in your contacts — and helps you text them with suggested languages and steps to ask your friends and family to commit to voting Democratic, register in time and then, in fact vote. Available in iOS.


VoteTripling is a cool idea to ask your supporters to commit to get three more people to vote for Democrats. You can go ahead and borrow their scripts and do it in house or ask the non-profit group to text your supporters themselves and they will follow up with them for free.


Especially for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations that want to engage in elections and politics to the extent the law allows, the organization Bolder Advocacy is the best free legal resource imaginable. They are smart lawyers who understand tax law and explain clearly what you may do — usually much more than people realize — as part of campaigns, elections and advocacy. Did you know 501(c)(3) organizations can canvass door-to-door for voter registration? Now you do! Read their stuff and call them for help.

If you work for a federal campaign or PAC and have a campaign finance question, the federal government is here to help. The Federal Election Commission has a totally free help desk staffed with analysts who will take your phone calls or emails with any of your campaign finance questions. It’s a great service.

Got a free resource you want to add to this list? Let us know.