Millions of Americans — millions !! — want to reject the Trump agenda. They just don’t know they need to register to vote at their current address to do so.

Now you can reach these Americans directly.

We at VoterHub have access to a national list of 106,566,423 Americans who show up in consumer files but do not show up on the voter rolls.

They are the unregistered residents in your community.

14,443,193 of them are likely Hispanic.

7,203,611 of them are likely African-American.

6,738,479 are likely unmarried women.

22,127,994 are in their 20s.

Imagine the ability to work off any of those list of unregistered residents in your district by name, address, age, gender, ethnicity and sometimes phone number. You can canvass them. Knock on their door. Call or text.

Or we will do it for you!

Get these people before the voter registration deadlines hit!


List including name, address, age, ethnicity, gender and phone number (when available): 5 cents per name

Texting one message at a time to the above list with a cell phone including a link to online voter registration or info on how to do so: additional 3 cents per name

Loading these lists into a canvassing app so your staff and volunteers can knock on the doors and get them registered: additional $500 with unlimited users

Lists delivered via email on the next business day after payment (often faster).

Example price: All unregistered African-Americans in Indiana: 103,546. List alone: $5,677.30.

Pick your filter:   Under the age of 30 —-  People of color — Unmarried women — other

Contact Dan Johnson via email or call at 312-867-5377 to place an order. You can also pay now.

NOTE: 501(c)(3) organizations can purchase these lists and use them for voter registration as there isn’t an explicitly partisan filter associated with these lists. Confirm with your lawyer and these helpful comments from the smart people at Bolder Advocacy.

Order your list of unregistered residents before the voter registration deadline or hire us to text or call these unregistered residents on your behalf today.


Dan Johnson, VoterHub, dan -at- TheVoterHub . com or 312-867-5377